Republic of Ireland:


There is no application process in the Republic of Ireland.  You must however fit the following criteria:


  •  You must attend a non-fee paying secondary school
  • You must sit at least 5 subjects in the Leaving Certificate examination and be doing the examination for the first time
  •  You must have the benefit of a Medical Card, and if you are being considered for a scholarship the Department of Education will communicate with you about your eligibility in line with this requirement
  •   You must not be the holder of another scholarship as outlined in further detail on the Department of Education’s website

Northern Ireland:

  • You must be in receipt of the Education Maintenance Allowance
  • You must attend a grant aided post primary school or further education college
  • An application must be completed before the deadline
  •  You must sit the A Level Examinations or BTEC Examinations for the first time
  • You must not be the holder of another scholarship Further details are available on the NIDirect website